Attolight will attend the 2021 Virtual Edition of Display Week (May 17-21, 2021) that will gather the international specialists of OLED, MicroLED, AR/VR/MR, printed displays. This event includes the most influential companies in the business of display. In this frame, our Head of Industry Applications, Matthew Davies, is invited to give a talk during the session ‘Micro LED Display Metrology’.

We welcome you to attend his presentation on ‘Cost Effective Probing in High Volume Manufacture of µLEDs’ on Thursday, May 20th afternoon (Session 58.2).

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Cost Effective Probing in High Volume Manufacture of µLEDs

Matthew Davies, Attolight AG-Switzerland 

Cost-effective probing of µLEDs in mass-production presents a new series of challenges associated with the greatly increased quantity and density of devices per wafer, specifically regarding measurement time, spatial resolution, and wafer throughput.  Here we present a cost appropriate probing solution for wafer level metrology of µLEDs, specifically designed to address the need for post-frontend device verification.