Q. Why does Attolight, an equipment manufacturer, provide analytical and consulting services?A. Typically in response to one of two situations:


Our client needs to push forward their research or process development but has no budget to add capital equipment:

  • Your current characterization methods do not allow you to achieve a full under- standing of your material system or structure, perhaps cathodoluminescence will fill in the gaps and allow you to reach clear conclusions.
  • You have come up against a specific process (or quality) issue and would like to see if cathodoluminescence could provide the information needed to solve the issue.
  • You already use photoluminescence technique but have found you need a higher spatial resolution or sensitivity to acquire the data you really need.


Our client is making (or has made) a case for capital funding confident that high resolution CL is a game changing technology for their research and process development.

  • You are confident, but your funding authorities still demand proof in the form of preliminary results showing the type of data that can not be obtained by other methods available to you.
  • You have a material/device with unique properties, you believe high resolution CL will provide the key data with which you can explain those properties in order to win funding for further development of your new material/device.
  • You have applied for funding but it will take many months to arrive, you need to push the research forward to maintain your lead until the Attolight system is delivered.

Attolight provides service and demo measurementsin these laboratories:

  • Lausanne, Switzerland, continuous and time-resolved CL service and demo measurements on the Allalin and Chronos tools
  • Raleigh, NC, USA; continuous CL service on the Allalin tool in partnership with EAG Laboratories
  • Fremont, CA, USA; Säntis 300 full wafer demonstration and service measurement

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