Our tools are based on quantitative cathodoluminescence: a creative combination of electron and optical microscopy. Transition from fast, large scale characterization, to nanometer scale inspection is seamless within the same tool.


The Internet of Things, Big Data, and Clean Tech rely heavily on performance and innovation in semiconductor materials and devices. We perform quality control during their development and production and help increase performance and accelerate innovation.


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Access to the last press release of the Ultimate GaN project that gathered 26 partners/9 countries on GaN technologies, devices and applications to address the future challenges in the areas of energy, 5G and smart mobility : https://attolight.com/2022/11/24/energy-saving-chips-made-of-gallium-nitride-boost-efficiency-and-co2-savings/

New paper out from @cu_mat on the 'Radiation effects in ultra-thin GaAs solar cells'. Found out how time-resolved #cathodoluminescence is employed to map the introduction of radiation-induced defects.

Feel free to attend @meuret_sophie 's talk on 'Time-Resolved #Cathodoluminescence in an UTEM applied to III-V heterostructures' (Nov. 16th; 12pm CET time, EPFL-Lausanne or remotely).
More information 👉 : https://memento.epfl.ch/event/time-resolved-cathodoluminescence-in-an-utem-app-3/

Find out this new paper on 'The role of surface states and point defects on optical properties of InGaN/GaN multi-quantum wells in nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy' https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6528/ac98cd @CEA_Leti @InstitutNeel

Do not miss today at 6pm the rump session 'Energy, savings allowed by GaN technologies: myth or reality ?' sponsored by Attolight.
Program of this #IWN 2022 session 👉https://programme.conventus.de/iwn-2022/program/sessions/4a05be1a-3d5f-48d6-99f3-24d9fd2654ca